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Imagination is My drug

I love to hate you

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I am 26 years old. I am pretty much a private person, but will occasionally share myself in writing. Writing is my passion and if I had to I mean absolutely had to stop writing I'd be sad. I'd die on the inside without my words. I like deep stuff as well as funny stuff. However anyone that can truly make me think and can bring life to a sad world is my hero. Anybody that can do that and put it to laughter and humor is my hero. I love music. Music is another thing I'd die on the inside if I couldn't have it. I write most of my poems or stories to a good song. I like hearing these deep lyrics, or fun lyrics or something that just brings life. I also like a good instrumental that has a life of it's own. I can make up words in my head. I can see what the words would be if there were vocals just from the music itself. I am not writing words to their songs because they aren't meant to be with vocals. I am more or less creating a picture in my head of what the person was thinking or maybe feeling. Barry yours are the best.